The pandemic's toll on those with special needs  seems insurmountable image

The pandemic's toll on those with special needs seems insurmountable

But it is not. Donate to iCan House as we help those who are lonely & anxious to support their wellbeing.

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During the pandemic, those with special needs are suffering from isolation and loneliness now more than ever. Schedules and routines are disrupted and social rules have changed. The few connections that neuro-diverse individuals with autism, ADHD, anxiety, and learning disabilities had with others were extremely limited and now gone completely. Parents struggle to meet their kids social emotional and academic needs with limited support. That's where iCan House comes in. We are here helping families and individuals who are overwhelmed.

With online iCan House programs neuro-diverse children, teens and adults learn ways to cope, express their feelings, and deal with the new social world. They are having social connections essential to their wellbeing. iCan House provides the social emotional education they are not receiving elsewhere. And parents are receiving support while learning strategies to help their children. To learn about our programs, visit

iCan House helps the community too by training local law enforcement officers, first responders, educators, social workers, and college students, while also supporting interns and volunteers.

Your donation to iCan House will help neuro-diverse individuals learn how to cope, parents learn new strategies to support their children, and community members learn about neurodiversity and how to interact with those who experience the world differently.

iCan House needs your support to serve hundreds of all ages who are not getting help elsewhere. It's beyond just survival; it's about their wellbeing and we are here every day doing the work.